Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Penang Books

I have been very busy for the last three weeks that I hardly have time left to write new posts here. However, I wrote several new pages on the heritage city web site and the Pickles and Spices site to promote new things.

For the heritage city web site, I did three book reviews. Books about Penang that I found really worthy to be read by a larger audience. Two of them were the results of Koh Tze Yin, who has also a publishing house.

The other is a book by Johny Chee, who incidentally also published his own book.

The three books are:
1. Penang Passion (a cook book complete with tales of Penang food) by Koh Tze Yin.
2. Nostalgic Penang Journal (a hardcover coffee table book which is perfect for a gift or your own private collection) also by Koh Tze Yin.
3. A Tapestry of Baba and Nyonya Poetry by Johny Chee.

The books are available for sale online.

Go and check them out.

Penang Passsion
Nostalgic Penang Journal
A Tapestry of Baba and Nyonya Poetry

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