Thursday, January 7, 2010

Little Penang is now an official society

It is not too late to wish you guys a lot of happiness and prosperity for the New Year 2010! Happy New Year!

As you probably know, Little Penang Street Market has been in existence since 2006. Over three years later, this monthly event is going from strength to strength.

Many vendors, performers and also artists display their wares, services and talent here. It has become one of the highlights of things to do in Penang, every last Sunday of the month.

Yesterday, for the first time, people who are involved in this market got together to make it an official organization. Before, it is under the management of Penang Arts Council. Being a society meaning, it is now a registered organization. Little Penang Society will have its own bank account, its members, and a board of committee.

Attendees unanimously voted Khoo Salma as the President, as she was one of the first ten people who came up with the ideas of this street market. Eight other members were elected to make up the rest of the board.

As a registered society, Little Penang can move forward efficiently with a goal to make is as a one stop event to showcase Penang Heritage and also culture and arts to the max!

Little Penang Street Market

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