Sunday, January 24, 2010

Volunteer Workshop at Penang Heritage Trust

Today, members of PHT had the honor of having Jenny Lo, who is a member of National Trust in Britain to enlighten us about the scope of being volunteers for charity causes.

One of the things that struck my mind was how heritage houses are categorized in the UK. Not all of them fall under Old Heritage, rather a vernacular sample of architecture for certain time period can also be listed as a heritage building.

Some examples of such buildings are the house where John Lennon grew up in Liverpool and also a modernist house built by Goldfinger, a famous architect. He also lived there until his demise. Both were fine specimens of houses built at their times.

(Picture above shows the house where Beatrix Potter used to live).

Next week, another intensive workshop will be held at the PHT's office. Please register early in order to get involved in this workshop.

Penang Heritage Trust

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