Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nyonya kuih

When visitors come to Penang, food always becomes the main topic for conversation.

One of those little gems are Nyonya kuihs, which are very similar to Kuih Melayu but in terms of colors and ingredients used.

These cakes are quite challenging to make, as new cooks can testify.

I am happy to announce that I am organizing another Nyonya cooking class but instead of kuih, we are going to make otak-otak and two types of laksa instead. All ingredients will be prepared from scratch. Get ready to get smelly and dirty hands, and having a full belly afterwards ;-)

Please book early to reserve your spot.

Nyonya kuih
Nyonya cooking class

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  1. The link for Nyonya kuih should be http://www.penangheritagecity.com/nyonya-kuih.html

    The link for Nyonya cooking class should be http://www.penangheritagecity.com/nyonya-food-class.html