Thursday, April 23, 2009

Silambam stick fighting martial art in Penang

What do I know about silambam stick fighting martial art? Basically nothing except that it is an art form using a stick for self defense. I am so ignorant that I first thought that "Kolattam", which is a performance using sticks and drum and guided by a leader with whistle is actually a form of Silambam.

Kolattam is a dance performance during special festivals, we see it a lot during street festivals and also at Indian temples during special ceremonies.

All these confusion was dispelled when I attended a Silambam Nilaikalakki training at Taman Tun Sardon in Gelugor tonight. Master Anbananthan explained to me in brief what actually silambam is. It is not to be confused with other martial arts, it is pure in itself and very original. It is an art, not a sport.

I will make time to study this art in more details by observing more sessions like this.

A good web site about Silambam Nilaikalakki
done by a student of Master Anbananthan

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