Monday, April 13, 2009

Wedding photography contest

What could be more romantic than getting married or later on having your honeymoon in a historic city? Think Venice and Paris, and most brides would go oooh and aah!

What about George Town? The romance of the place beckons.

Last weekend (April 11-12 09), a photography competition was held at a few places at the city center including Beach Street and also at Fort Cornwallis. The subjects were brides in wedding dresses, with the historical landmarks in the background.

I am sure the event is a good platform for many amateur photographers to sharpen their skills.

Initially, heavy downpour over last week made many people anxious, alas, Saturday and Sunday mornings were bright and sunny that everything went smoothly as planned.

Here is a result of the shooting session done by Jeff Ooi, Jelutong MP at Fort Cornwallis.

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