Saturday, May 9, 2009

Esplanade and heritage schools

Yesterday when I went to pick up my daughter, I noticed a helicopter on the lawn at the Esplanade. This surely was a rare sight, too bad I did not have my camera with me to record it. I wonder what it was for, most likely it was a TV station aircraft for aerial coverage.

Anyway, the Esplanade as always a pleasant place to be. Besides the majestic Town Hall and City Hall buildings, on the other side, there is Fort Cornwallis. It is supposed to be the stronghold of Penang even though it hardly played its role to resist any invasion attempts since it was built.

My daughter goes to Light Street Convent, the oldest school for girls in South East Asia. The buildings are old, the gnarled trees have been there since the days of Francis Light. There are two old wells there, dug during Light's time to supply the residents of the area with fresh water.

I have a lot of materials about the school yet to be published. It is always pleasant to set foot in the school compound, there is a sense of peace in there, after the noisy schoolgirls left for the day. Visitors are allowed after 2 p.m. It has its own trail that you can follow to trace the history of the school.

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