Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Walking tour from Stewart Lane to Muntri Street

I had several hours to kill yesterday. My daughter forgot her lunch box. So I went to the city center early and grabbed my camera too. After delivering the much appreciated food to her, I left and explored George Town, yet again, on foot.

Every time I walk the street, I enjoy it very much. Despite the beating afternoon heat, it has always been pleasant for me. I took many pictures of the shophouses, some are nicely refurbished, some are still in their original conditions but still decent looking. Also, I encountered some blocks which were in deplorable state with trees growing right into them.

I used Stewart Lane, starting from the Kuan Yin temple, and followed the lane, even between two blocks of shops which seemed to be haphazardly built, the alley being dubbed Boat Alley. It was a very dirty alley. Later, I chanced upon the old headquarters of the PHT. The touristy signboard was still there. The whole block seemed to be very quiet.

When I reached Muntri Street, I shot lots and lots of photos. I seldom come to this part of the city but here, I found a lot of hidden treasures. I took over a hundred photos at Muntri Street. Fantastic shop houses, and also houses, clan temples and association houses, even an old private Chinese school.

I ended my solitary tour when I reached Penang Road. Here the atmosphere took a busier tone. I crossed over to reach Transfer Road and came across another derelict row of shop houses. This time the whole block seemed to be invaded by the wild fig trees.

I wondered who the owners of these shophouses were. Would they continue to fall in ruins? Or would someone with enough funding will come and rescue them? Only time will tell.

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