Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The history of Tupperware

Hmm, Tupperware in a heritage blog? Sounds very unlikely, eh?

Hey, don't run away yet! Let me tell you the story. In 1963, Tupperware was introduced to Malaysia. It became instant hit when home parties were conducted to sell the products. You probably remembered when your grandma hosted a Tupperware party at her house. Tonnes of food, lotsa laughter and plenty of ladies having fun playing silly games.

Now, you probably still use Tupperware which you buy from your office mate who brought the catalog to your workplace. Tupperware parties are getting rare but the legacy of home cooked food brought in that colorful plastic containers to school or office still remain.

I built an intensive mini web site about Tupperware, you probably would be interested to hear about the history of this revolutionary product.

Check it out here:

The history of Tupperware (complete with a 1961 commercial to promote the products)

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